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All recent Bioware titles have allowed fans to romance specific supporting non-player characters within the games. While Dragon Age: Inquisition will continue the trend, the developer is improving the mechanic to create a larger variety of outcomes. For example, it was revealed that the way each romance unfolds can be very different. This can result in standard love affairs or even more comedic pairings.

Think of each type of romance in Dragon Age: Inquisition as a different kind of movie with every possible way that the love can unfold in the game is like a different genre. Depending upon how players choose to interact with different love interests, they may see the story unfold like a pure love story, a romantic comedy, or even somewhat like a buddy action movie. Of course, should fans not want to romance anyone, the option remains to fully skip the romance system.





Yeah but imagine fenris with fuzzy socks

master gave fenris a sock

fenris is a free elf

Ladies and gentlemen, 
this is not a time for fear,
but for celebration.


nothin’ nothin’ you just seem like you got an interesting taste in music is all


"Her templar plate had been polished to a shine, and she wore her finest red tunic, the one with the chantry starburst sewn in gold thread. She’d even put her black hair up into the sort of elegant braid used by the ladies of the court. Even so, it paled in comparison next to all the glittering gowns, the bouffant wigs with their fancy combs and pearl strands, the resplendent jewelry twinkling in the firelight, and she knew it."

I recently finished Dragon Age: Asunder, and it was amazing. Evangeline stole my heart like I thought no templar ever could, so I decided I had to draw up my vision of her. 


A few months ago I was playing World of Warcraft — as is my wont — and was mindlessly listing gemstones in the auction house. Though I usually try to ignore the in-game chat channels, I couldn’t help but notice one shaman asking for help with his gear. Now, if you’ve ever been on the internet before, you may know that asking even reasonable questions to a group of anonymous people will likely result in some or all of the following: insults, incorrect answers, deliberately false answers, and more insults. The shaman was asking what sort of gear he needed to play his character with a particular specialization (shaman can be either healers or they can deal damage via melee attacks or spellcasting). His questions weren’t being answered and people were mocking his spelling. The shaman apologized, saying he was a 79 year old man and didn’t type very well. The people in the chat channel then mocked him for this.

I looked up the shaman’s gear and found he was wearing a hodgepodge of items that weren’t itemized very well for his intended role (a melee damage-dealer). I bought him several pieces of gear off the auction house and mailed it to his character along with a note with a few tips. I also told him if he ever had any questions, he could ask me at any time.

I got an in-game mail back from him later that day. He said that it’s hard for him to play this game since the younger players don’t have patience for him. He never learned to type in school and his reflexes were slower. “I went through Korea and Vietnam and they were good enough then to keep me alive,” he wrote. He thanked me for helping him and for changing his mind about his fellow players.

Now, whenever I get frustrated with a player who isn’t playing well, I just imagine that the character is being played by my own Korean war veteran grandfather, who will be 83 this summer. I keep checking back on my little shaman friend. He only has two more levels before he hits the level-cap. I think I’ll buy him a present for when he does.


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I like to believe that Lee’s ghost appears in Season 2 just long enough to give this look to Nick when he offers Clementine whiskey.

Japanese snacks/sweets ( by Silivren)
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No, you don’t know how great this is.

These are Erin Fitzgerald and Yuri Lowenthal. 

The English Voice Actors of Chie and Yosuke.


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